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The Return to Rowing Resources document for Clubs is to guide clubs in assessing their activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic and planning for the process of re-opening as and when the Scottish Government guidelines allow. It will focus solely on club-based activity (i.e. water based and indoor training, and use of communal club space). Guidance for the attendance and running of competitions and events will be issued separately.

Please note that this does not represent a change to our formal advice issued on 28th May 2020 and we remain in Phase 1.  We will update our guidance in line with changes to Scottish Government guidance, as necessary. 

The Return to Rowing Resources document for Clubs is in three parts:

  • Return to Rowing Roadmap
  • Return to Rowing Checklist
  • Return to Rowing Toolkit

Return to Rowing Roadmap

Based on the Routemap document published by the Scottish Government in May, we have created a matrix as a planning tool to help clubs prepare for increased rowing activity as COVID-19 restrictions ease. This has been shared with all Scottish Rowing Clubs.

Return to Rowing Checklist

To support clubs to plan and prepare for increased rowing activity, we have developed a checklist and supporting guidance for clubs to use to review, risk assess, manage risks, and guide clubs through the process of re-opening their club and re-starting activity.

The checklist covers 5 key areas: 

  1. Communicating with third parties
  2. Facility re-commissioning
  3. Covid-19 specific risk assessment, safety, and operating procedures for continued safe operation
  4. Communication with members
  5. Monitoring

The checklist can be found here

Further Support

For more information on the Return to Rowing Toolkit please go to the Return to Rowing Checklist.

Should you require further support or guidance on the above, please contact your Regional Development Manager

Return to Rowing Resources

The Return to Rowing Toolkit contains resources and templates to assist clubs prepare for a return to rowing activity in a COVID-19 world. The Toolkit contains the following documents:

  1. Facility Recommissioning
  2. Modifying your Risk Assessment
  3. Updating your Operating Procedures
  4. Updating your Safety Policy

These documents will also signpost you to other expert resources.

Scottish Government Routemap

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