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UPDATE: Scottish Championships 2019 - Date Change

Posted: 4 February, 2019

We deeply regret that we have had to revert to the original date of 7th-9th June for this year’s Scottish Championships.

Last week we announced a change of date for this year’s competition, the aim being to allow our members to compete at both the Scottish and the revised British Rowing Championships without compromising preparation for either event. 

In reaching that decision it had been confirmed to us that the course would be available on our chosen dates.  Unfortunately, shortly after announcing the change, it was brought to our attention that another event will be taking place elsewhere within Strathclyde Park that weekend. 

Since being made aware of this last Thursday we have been working behind the scenes to see whether both events could run alongside each other but have concluded that this will not be possible.  As a consequence we have reverted to the original dates of 7th-9th June.  

We recognise that people may have already started changing plans for the Scottish Championships as a result of the previous announcement and have acted as quickly as possible to confirm our options.  We apologise for any inconvenience these changes have caused.