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Scottish Rowing High Performance Group

Reporting directly to the Board of Directors, the Scottish Rowing High Performance Group meets a minimum of 4 times per year to provide strategic direction to the organisation in respect of all matters to do with performance rowing and long term athlete development.

Currently the group consists of the following members:

Scottish Rowing President     Mike Morrice 
Scottish Rowing High Performance Co-Ordinator       Lee Boucher (Chair)
Scottish Rowing Team Manager      Graeme Cunningham 
Scottish Rowing Junior Co-Ordinator      John Higson
Aberdeen Head of Performance Rowing     Vacant
Edinburgh Head of Performance Rowing      Colin Williamson 
Glasgow Head of Performance Rowing     Andy Barton
Performance consultant       Jonny Logan
sportscotland institute of sport      Catriona Semple 
sportscotland        Gemma Fay 
GB Rowing Team         Peter Sheppard

hp group

All athlete support awards and nominations for the Institute programme are agreed at the Scottish Rowing High Performance Group – for further information please contact Lee Boucher: lee.boucher@scottish-rowing.org.uk