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Successful clubs have a clear idea of their goals and a plan to achieve them.

This doesn’t need to be complicated and there are people and resources available to help.

Scottish Rowing provides support to clubs in the form of help with development planning, training for coaches and volunteers and advice on funding.  Additional support is available from local authority sport development teams, local sports councils and the Active Schools network.

For more information, contact Mark Senter on 01698 250206 or email mark.senter@scottish-rowing.org.uk

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Scottish Rowing Development Single Sculls

Scottish Rowing have invested in six Glide One stable single Sculling boats complete with riggers, stabilising floats, oars, trailer and boat ties.

Glide 1 training scull

We are offering this resource to clubs to use for a seven day period per loan at no cost except a cheque deposit which will be returned should the boats come back to Scottish Rowing in the condition they were originally loaned.

How to apply to hire these boats

  1. Email andy.barton@scottish-rowing.org.uk  and identify a seven day period where you are looking to maximise the use of these boats
  2. Complete the Booking form which is available to be downloaded below. Please note: Clubs will need to add the boats to the clubs insurance policy. We will require evidence of the clubs public liability and personal accident insurance.
  3. Email the completed booking form to office@scottish-rowing.org.uk
  4. Scottish Rowing will contact you to confirm the boats are available and offer you alternative dates should they be booked out.
  5. Send a deposit cheque for £100 which is returnable based on the boats, trailer and equipment being returned in the same condition as when collected by you and within the allocated time. Please see full terms and conditions below
  6. Collect the boats and enjoy them for your allocated time.

Please note:

  1. Clubs must have adequate personal accident and public liability insurance for towing and using the boats.
  2. It is important to check the calendar for availability, the boats will only be hired out as a complete set of six and not as individual boats.

Booking Form

*If you do not have, or wish to set up, a Google account please contact the Scottish Rowing office for boat availability.

Terms of Agreement

Scottish Rowing (‘SR’)

Definitions: ‘We’ ‘Us’ or ‘Our’ means SR
‘You’ or ‘Your’ means the person contracting to take the loan and where the contexts so admits includes all persons in the Your Party

1. Booking
A contract of loan comes into being only after our booking form has been completed and the requested deposit paid.

2. Payment
A deposit for the loan will be due at the commencement of the loan period. The deposit should be paid by way of cheque and will be destroyed once the boats and equipment have been returned in a satisfactory condition.

3. Cancellation
3.1. In the event of cancellation of a booking you must immediately notify us. All deposit money paid will be refunded but no liability will be accepted by Scottish Rowing for any other expenses or consequential damage or loss, howsoever incurred by you or your club.

3.2. We reserve the right to decline any booking or to refuse to hand over any boat to any person who, in our opinion is not suitable to take charge. In such cases the deposit fees paid shall be refunded in full and there will be no liability on either party. We reserve the right to terminate any booking at any time where a serious accident or damage has occurred or in our opinion is likely to occur because of the unsuitability or misbehaviour of the Hirer.

4. Users
4.1. The Club shall name a person who will have sole responsibility for the boats, trailer and equipment during the period of the loan and is contactable during the period of the loan and until the boats and equipment have been returned.

4.2. Users of the boats should be under constant supervision of a recognised coach holding a qualification of no less than a UKCC Level 2 certificate in Rowing (Sliding seat).The club should name the coaches who will be using the boats on the application form

5. Familiarisation and Hand Over
The named coach or club official is the person nominated by the user group and deemed by us as responsible for the operation and safety of the boats. The named coach or club official is not necessarily the group leader or the person responsible for the delivery of sessions using the boats. A hirer must satisfy our requirements regarding the appropriate training or experience of the coaches prior to the start of the hire – failing which we shall be entitled to cancel the hire.

6. Return of Boats
6.1. The boats and equipment must be returned at the end of the agreed loan period at the agreed time and in the condition it was at the commencement of the hire. You are responsible for allowing sufficient time for contingencies. In fairness to all concerned we cannot allow any boats to return later than the agreed time for any reason. We reserve the right to claim from you any expenses incurred as a result of a late or unsatisfactory return.

6.2. You are responsible for leaving the boats and equipment in the same condition you received them in. It greatly assists us if you can call when there is likely to be any delay.

7. Accidents and Insurance
a) You are responsible for the boats and equipment during the period of loan and must report to us full details of any accident, injury or damage as soon as possible after its occurrence and to assist us in completing the necessary report. Under no circumstances should you attempt to undertake any repairs or replacement whether personally or through any third party.
b) The boats must be added to the clubs insurance and the club must be fully insured for damage to the boats and for public liability.

c) A deposit of £100 is required to cover the costs of any minor damage to the boats and equipment. The full deposit will be refunded should the boats be returned in the same condition as when collected. Any costs for minor repairs will be deducted from the original deposit. For any major damage it will your responsibility to rectify this through your clubs insurance.

d) We reserve the right at our sole discretion to require reimbursement from you of any uninsured repair or other costs, however arising, caused by the actions or inactions of the Hirer.

e) We will not be responsible for any death or personal injury unless it results from proven negligence by us. The Hirer should have appropriate personal insurance in place.