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April 2018

28th/29th Apr - Strathclyde Park Regatta

14th/15th Apr - North East Regatta

February 2018

17th Feb - Aberdeen 8's Head

10th/11th - Inverness 8s Head

10th/11th - Scottish Student Head

January 2018

28th Jan - SUBC Head

27th Jan - Western 8's Head

September 2017

30th September/1st October - Scottish Schools Head Weekend - Sweep Results

30th September/1st October - Scottish Schools Head Weekend - Sculling Results

August 2017

5th August - Clydesdale ARC Sprint Regatta

19th August - North East Sprint Regatta

June 2017

17th June - Nithsdale Regatta

9th, 10th, 11th June- Scottish Championships - Saturday Results

9th, 10th, 11th June- Scottish Championships - Sunday Results

9th, 10th, 11th June- Scottish Championships - TT Event Results

April 2017

22nd & 23rd April - Strathclyde Park Regatta

March 2017

18th March - Clydesdale 4s & 8s Head

February 2017

4th Feb - SUBC Head

11th - Aberdeen 8s Head

January 2017

28th Jan - Western 8's Head

November 2016

19th/20th November Inverness 4's and SB Head Weekend
  All Winners


12th/13th November North East Heads Weekend
Saturday - Division 1 Results
  Saturday - Division 2 Results
  Sunday - Division 1 Results
  Sunday - Division 2 Results


5th November
Glasgow Fours Head
  Division 1 Results
  Division 2 Results


October 2016

29th October - Scottish Rowing Indoor Championships 2016 Results

Split data Junior Timed Races
  1km Races
  2km Races
  Team Races

28th October - Scottish Schools Indoor Rowing Championships 2016 Results

Split data Individual Races
  Team Races

22nd October - Clydesdale Scullers Head

8th October - Clyde 3 Heads Results

2nd October - Scottish Schools Head Race Results
  Scottish Schools Sculling Head Race Results
  Junior Head Race Results


June 2016

11th June - Scottish Championships Saturday Results (txt)

12th June - Scottish Championships Sunday Results (txt)


May 2016

28th May - Glasgow RC Regatta Results

14th May - Castle Semple Regatta Results - Castle Semple Regatta Event Winners

7th May - Clydesdale Regatta ResultsClydesdale Regatta Event Winners


April 2016

30th April - Nithsdale Regatta Results

23rd & 24th April - Strathclyde Park Regatta Saturday Results

Strathclyde Park Regatta Sunday Results


March 2016

26th March - Aberdeen Eights Head of the River Results


February 2016

27th February - JBT Eights And Small Boats Head Results

27th/28th February - Scottish Student Head Results


November 2015

21st November - SIRC Results

20th November - SSIRC Results

September 2015

26th & 27th September - Scottish Schools Head Race Results

Scottish Schools Sculling Heads Results

Junior Head Race Results

June 2015

13th/14th June - Scottish Championships (txt file)

May 2015

9th May - Clydesdale Summer Regatta

April 2015

25th/26th April - Strathclyde Park Regatta - Saturday results and  Sunday results (txt files)

Event Winners (pdf file)

11th April - Nithsdale Regatta

12th/13th April - Gent International regatta

February 2015

21st February - Inverness Eights and Small Boats head

14th February - SUBC Head

7th February - Aberdeen Eights HOR

December 2014

6th December - Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships (Open)

Saturday results with available split data (pdf)

Victor Ludorum Table

5th December - Scottish Schools Indoor Rowing Championships

October 2014

11th October - Clyde 3 Heads

August 2014

16th August - Hawco Inverness Sprint Regatta

Full results

Event Winners

June 2014

14th June - Castle Semple Regatta

31st May/1st June - Scottish Championships (txt file).

Scottish Championships Winners (.pdf file)

May 2014

10th/11th May - North East Regatta. 

Saturday Full Results - Saturday Winners

Sunday Full Results Sunday Winners

April 2014

26th/27th April - Strathclyde Park Regatta

Full results (txt file)

Event winners (Pdf file)

12th/13th April - Gent International regatta

March 2014

22nd March - Scottish Schools Head Race & Junior Head Race

1st March - Clydesdale 4's and 8's Head

February 2014

22nd February - Macrae & Dick Inverness Eights & Small Boats Head

December 2013

7th December - Clydesdale Scullers Head - Div 1 & Div 2

1st December - BUCS Indoor League

November 2013

16th/17th November - Morrison Construction Inverness 4's and Small Boats Head Weekend

9th November - Glasgow Fours Head

3rd November - Aberdeen Small Boats HOR

2nd November - Aberdeen Fours HOR 

October 2013

12th October - Clyde 3 Head River Races

September 2013

14th September - Scottish Schools Head of the Canal (Rescheduled)

August 2013

17th August - Inverness Sprint Regatta

June 2013

15th/16th June - Scottish Championships



 1st June Castle Semple Regatta

May 2013

11th / 12th May North East Regatta

April 2013

27th / 28th Strathclyde Park Regatta Results

March 2013

2nd March   Western 8’s Head

February 2013

23rd February   Clydesdale 4’s and 8’s Head

16th February   Inverness 8’s and small boats Head

9th February  Aberdeen 8’s Head 

January 2013

20th January  Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships

Scottish Rowing Results Archive

2012 Scottish Championship Results

2012 Strathclyde Park Regatta Results

2011 Scottish Championship Results

2011 Strathclyde Park Regatta Results

2010 Scottish Championship Results

2010 Strathclyde Park Regatta Results

2009 Scottish Championship Results - Saturday

2009 Scottish Championship Results - Sunday

2009 Strathclyde Park Regatta - Saturday

2009 Strathclyde Park Regatta - Sunday