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Masters rowing (also known as veteran rowing) is open to participants age 27 or over. There is a vibrant veteran rowing scene in Scotland for all abilities.

There are plenty of opportunities to compete in Scotland, across the UK and abroad. 

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If you are interested in taking up rowing, you can find you nearest club using our club finder.

Major Events

Scottish Rowing Spring Regatta (Strathclyde Park)
April 27/28, 2019

British Masters Championships (Strathclyde Park)
June 15/16, 2019

Scottish Championships (Strathclyde Park)
June 7/8/9, 2019

Henley Masters Regatta
July 12/13, 2019 

FISA Masters Regatta 2015 (Lake Velence, HUNGARY)
September 11-15, 2019 
World Rowing Masters