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Return to Rowing Checklist

To support clubs for increased rowing activity, we have developed a checklist and supporting guidance for clubs to use to review, risk assess, manage risks, and guide clubs through the process of re-opening their club and re-starting activity.

Within the checklist are links to Return to Rowing Toolkit resources, both from Scottish Rowing and other organisations, to help clubs with some steps of the checklist. Click here to download a pdf version of this page for easy printing.


Return to Rowing Toolkit  
Communicating with third parties
There may be other organisations that will have additional requirements or restrictions on top of the current guidance from the Scottish Government/Scottish Rowing/sportscotland. Clubs should inform these parties of their plans before recommencing activity.
Insurance providers
University Sports/Athletic Unions or School Management (where relevant)
Local council/leisure trust (where relevant)
Facility owners (where this is not the club)
Waterway managers, such as Scottish Canals (where relevant)
Other relevant third parties
Facility re-commissioning
Most facilities have been lying dormant for an extended period and will need re-commissioned before resuming rowing activity.
Facility recommissioning checklist
Covid-19 specific risk assessment, safety, and operating procedures for continued safe operation
COVID-19 presents many challenges. Clubs will need to update their operating practices and safety policies to consider the new risks.
Appoint COVID-19 contact to have correspondence with Scottish Rowing
Submit details on the below form. 
Update club risk assessment
Update club safety policy RTRT 04 - Updating Club  Safety Policies
Update club operating procedures RTRT 03 - Updating Club Operating Practices
Work with clubs which share facilities or waterways to create a consolidated approach to managing activity
Communication with members
 It is imperative that any changes to your clubs operating model is effectively communicated with your members.  This is vitally important given the changeable nature of the situation and the need to provide accurate information quickly.
Ensure you have up to date contact and emergency contact information for all members
Writing to members to inform of new policies, procedures, and code of conduct
New policies, procedures, and code of conduct available on club website/membership site
New policies, procedures, and code of conduct displayed prominently in facility
As the situation develops, it is likely that changes will need to be made to your risk assessment, operating procedures, and safety plans.  These may be small or substantial, so constant monitoring of the situation is imperative, so your plans stay relevant
Keeping up to date on changing government/Scottish Rowing/sportscotland advice and guidance

Scottish Rowing COVID-19 Hub

Scottish Government Routemap 

sportscotland COVID-19 Information 
Regular review of policies/procedures/code of conduct as operating practices and guidance develop
Ensuring operating practices are being followed