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Facility Recomissioning

There are two main things to consider when re-opening your facility from the COVID-19 lockdown:

  1. Most rowing facilities have been lying dormant for several months
  2. All facilities will need to implement enhanced standards of hygiene and new procedures to comply with government rules

This guidance will help you think about the issues that need addressed and create a plan for implementing them. There are two parts:

  1. sportscotland's Getting Your Facilities Fit for Sport
  2. Scottish Rowing supplement to the facility guidance (below) which covers rowing specific aspects

Scottish Rowing Supplement

The information below complements sportscotland's Getting Your Facilities Fit for Sport. You should make yourself familiar with that first. Some aspect will overlap with in our risk assessment, safety policy and operating procedures guidance (see the Return to Rowing Checklist).

Prepare - Outdoor Areas

Checklist of Actions

Support Information

  • Ensure landing stages, pontoons, slipways and boating areas are secure and safe to use.

Clear overgrown grass, encroaching trees and lookout for birds nesting in boats/pontoons/walkways.

If you find nesting birds, these may be protected in law and you should get advice before taking action. Wildlife organisations such as the RSPB may be able to help you.

Be on the lookout for hazardous materials such as glass or needles. You may need to contact your council for help in removing some items. 

  • Think about your car parking arrangements

Consider marking out alternate parking spaces for members to use to aid in physical distancing.

Open any overflow or additional parking provision the club might have available


Prepare - Managing Access

 Checklist of Actions

 Support Information

  • Assess how you can manage access to your facility to ensure the safety of your members.

Ensuring compliance with rotas and allowing time for proper cleaning will be essential.

What are the current access arrangement for members at your facility? How many people have keys or access fobs?

Can you change locks or reprogram fobs?

Who will be responsible for opening and closing your club every day?


Prepare - Rowing Equipment 

Checklist of Actions

Support Information

  • Boat Racks

Remove boats and clean surfaces.

Inspect for corrosion of racking and other major damage.

  • Boats and blades

Thoroughly wash boats and blades before first use with appropriate products.

Check inflation bags for open-decked boats are in working order.

Perform safety and serviceability checks, ensuring equipment has not deteriorated.

  • Safety Equipment

Perform checks on throw ropes, life jackets and other safety equipment.

Consider assigning safety equipment to specific people to minimise the need for sharing.

  • Cleaning procedure & schedule

Create a cleaning procedure for all shared equipment.

Equipment should be cleaned after each use, and deep cleaned regularly.

  •  Launches

Check launch safety equipment is in working order.

Check for corrosion and other damage.

Check oil and fuel levels in engines, consider having them serviced.

  • Ergometers

Consider servicing your ergometers, especially if they have been lying idle. The chains will need oiling.

Thoroughly clean and check ergometers that have been loaned out during the lockdown to ensure they are returned and working properly.

  • Vehicles & Trailers

Check for corrosion, other damage and general roadworthiness.

Check for seized brakes.

Check for valid MOTs, tax, insurance.

Return to Rowing Resources

The Return to Rowing Toolkit contains resources and templates to assist clubs prepare for a return to rowing activity in a COVID-19 world. The Toolkit contains the following documents:

  1. Facility Recommissioning
  2. Modifying your Risk Assessment
  3. Updating your Operating Procedures
  4. Updating your Safety Policy

These documents will also signpost you to other expert resources.

Scottish Government Routemap

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