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Updating your Safety Policy Guidance for Clubs

COVID-19 does not change any club responsibilities towards safety. Your club safety plan should always form a key part of your club’s planning. At all times your activities, rowers and coaches must abide by the Scottish Rowing Water Safety Code.

Government protections to limit the spread of COVID-19 relating to:

  • physical distancing,
  • hygiene measures,
  • group size,
  • and travel restrictions,

Influences the rowing activity that can take place in each phase of the Scottish Rowing Return to Rowing Plan. The specific guidance at each phase is available here.

Despite the benefit that these protections have on limiting the spread of COVID-19, in some instances they may affect your safety policy in practice e.g. performing a rescue from a launch will need modification when considering physical distancing and hygiene measures.

You should ensure that your safety policy is reviewed and modified to take into consideration the rowing activity possible and the government protections which are in place in that phase. Scottish Rowing would advise considering the following process:

Example Activity

What considerations are there for this activity (pre COVID-19)? What new considerations are there for this activity (COVID-19 related)? Can this activity go ahead?

e.g. single sculling

  • What is the competency of the rower?
  • Do any specific adjustments need to be made for the rower?
  • Do they require dedicated safety cover?
  • Are the rowing conditions safe for rowing?
  • Etc.
  • How will physical distancing affect this?
  • Can this be delivered given the restrictions on group size/number of households?
  • What hygiene measures are required?
  • Does the limited access to facilities have an impact (e.g. no showers/toilets)
  • Is any PPE required for safety cover?
  • Etc.

When establishing if an activity is appropriate, the overarching principle that should be applied is: if a specific activity was considered acceptable by your club before COVID-19, and can still be delivered with the same risk management controls in place within the letter and spirit of any Government restrictions and Scottish Rowing guidance then it should still be acceptable.

If in doubt, we recommend clubs err on the side of caution to ensure your members are kept safe.

In addition, we recommend reviewing your safety policy as soon as it has been implemented to ensure that you have appropriately mitigated for all hazards, including those which may have only become apparent in practice.

Further Support

First Aid Support:

St John's Ambulance Advice for First Aiders

CPR and Resuscitation Support:

Resuscitation UK guidance on CPR and resuscitation

Regional Development Manager Support:

Should you require further support or guidance on the above, please contact your Regional Development Manager.

Return to Rowing Resources

The Return to Rowing Toolkit contains resources and templates to assist clubs prepare for a return to rowing activity in a COVID-19 world. The Toolkit contains the following documents:

  1. Facility Recommissioning
  2. Modifying your Risk Assessment
  3. Updating your Operating Procedures
  4. Updating your Safety Policy

These documents will also signpost you to other expert resources.

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