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Many studies show the right nutrition can greatly impact our health and our recovery from sessions. From high performance athletes to recreational rowers, the right nutrition is very important. Though there is much information on nutrition on the internet and elsewhere, the sportscotland institute of sport have supported us in providing you some easy to read tools to work through the information that is right for you.

As we know, body composition, training intensities and goals are hugely varied in our sport. The nutritional requirements of a female lightweight rower in comparison to an open-weight male rower are different, and so each athlete should be aware that they will need to tailor their nutrition for their own needs.



 Performance Nutrition – Nutrition advice for Covid-19

As we adapt to the changing landscape of COVID 19, take the opportunity to make some positive changes to your nutrition and better support your immune system. With changes to our daily lives and working practices, we all have some extra time in the day for meal planning and preparation so let’s use it wisely!

 Performance NutritionNutrition tips for training transition

During this rapidly changing time, it’s important to keep focused on your nutrition to keep healthy and support your training. Ensure you are eating a balanced diet, adjusting your nutritional intake to match changing training demands, recovering well after sessions, consider a probiotic daily to support your immunity and maintain good hand hygiene practices.

 Performance Nutrition – Match your nutrition intake to your training

It is important to match your nutritional intake to your training sessions. Key points to consider are the type and duration of the session you are going to undertake, as this will influence your energy requirements.

 Vitamin D Factsheet 


  Weekly Meal Planner 

Planning your meals and snacks across the week will reduce your visits to the shops. It can also reduce food waste and save you money and time. Use the weekly meal planner to create your own weekly plan.