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sportssislogocotland Institute of Sport (SIS) and Scottish Rowing’s lead Performance Physiologist, Peter Bonner, has developed training advice resources suitable for all Scottish Rowing Clubs during the COVID-19 lockdown period. The advice is focused on adapting your individual training during the COVID-19 pandemic and including some intensity into your training regime.

Click here < https://bit.ly/2zCvvLY > to view the screen casts.

Below you will see information on the RPE Scale (Rated of Perceived Exertion Scale)


Peter explains that this is a time to train for enjoyment and health. Make training as fun as you can! Avoid large and rapid changes in your training load (intensity, frequency or volume). Use these suggestions in the context of your training history.



Finally, Peter explains that if the dashed green line represents a maximal session effort prior to COVID-19, the solid blue line represents a way to incorporate intensity whilst managing the risk. Firstly, reducing the intensity and then reducing the interval duration or increasing the recovery duration. As with any training programme, excessive use of intensity is likely to negatively effect immune function. One to two sessions every 7-10 days whilst following Scottish government and Scottish Rowing advice.



For more information on any of the above points, please contact Peter Bonner or Lee Boucher directly:
Peter Bonner <Peter.Bonner@sisport.com>
Lee Boucher <lee.boucher@scottish-rowing.org.uk>