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Return to Rowing Guidance - COVID-19 Strategic Framework V7.1 - Updated 22 December 2021

On Tuesday 21 December, the First Minister provided an update to the Scottish Parliament on COVID-19 and related restrictions. This reiterated the increasing challenge posed by the Omicron variant, the priority being placed on supporting the vaccine and booster programme, and the need to strengthen compliance with protection measures.

"Beyond Level 0" Guidance  

  1. This guidance applies to Scotland only. Rowers travelling to competitions outwith Scotland should consult the relevant guidance for that place.
  2. All outdoor rowing activity is permitted. 
  3. From 26th December, 2021 indoor activity for adults should be limited to non-contact only.  Indoor activity for U18s is permitted
  4. Clubs should continue to have a responsible person/s, referred to as the COVID officer, to act as the point of contact on all things related to COVID-19. An e-learning module for COVID officers is available to support those undertaking the role.
  5. The COVID officer must ensure that full risk assessments, processes and mitigating actions are in place before any activity takes place. Specific consideration should be given to the needs of those who are at greater risk including some older adults or those with disabilities.
  6. Indoors: Facility operators should ensure the following:
    1. 1m physical distancing shall be in operation in indoor spaces from 27th December
    2. Focus on good ventilation and ‘Give people space’ messaging. CO2 levels should be monitored to maintain levels at 800-1000ppm. 
    3. Face coverings must be worn outwith activity.
    4. Hygiene and surface cleaning measures should be maintained
  7. Follow government guidelines in relation to travel including car sharing and wearing masks in indoor public spaces.
  8. No one who is symptomatic or self-isolating should attend a sports facility or activity.
  9. Coaches should consider the needs of participants returning after recovering from COVID-19. Participants should be able to confidentially disclose this so the coach can make suitable adjustments and allowances to the planned activity for the individual and check that input from a medical professional has been sought where appropriate.
  10. If you organise any activities or operate a facility, follow the Scottish Government Test and Protect requirements by collecting the name, contact number, date of visit, time of arrival, and the departure time of all those attending. Store information for 21 days and share it when requested to do so by public health officers.
  11. Cleaning of equipment, hand and respiratory hygiene are to be implemented and provision should be made for these.

Further information:

Scottish Government Guidance


Detailed guidance is available to download below but does NOT reflect the updates issued on 21st December 2021.

Click here for a pdf copy of the full Scottish Rowing Return to Rowing Guidance Version 7  which was updated on the 9th August 2021.  This contains the guidance for ALL protection levels.

Click here for a pdf copy of the full Scottish Rowing Competition Guidance which was updated on the 19th of July 2021.