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Rowing and sculling take place on open water, on rivers, canals and lochs. 

Water and weather conditions can be changeable and there may be other water users to consider.  An awareness of the risks involved and an understanding of how to stay safe are important.

Scottish Rowing has a number of guidance documents aimed at keeping all participants in the sport safe, whether they are rowers, coaches or supporters and all Scottish Rowing affiliated clubs are required to adhere to the Water Safety Code.


Water Safety
Water Safety Code and Guidelines  
Water Safety Guidelines for Rowers at Strathclyde Park 
Rules of the Clyde  
What Lies Beneath 
Club Safety Audit Form

Boat Transportation 
British Rowing Trailer Towing Flow Chart 
British Rowing Guidance on Boat Transport 
British Rowing Guidance on Trailer driving 
British Rowing Drivers Handbook 
DVLA Towing Trailers Information - Licence Requirements 
Government Advice on Towing