Completing a coaching qualification is a lot more than simply achieving a certificate. The courses will broaden your thinking and bring to life some of the challenges you encounter in your coaching environments, enabling you to discover solutions. Your course is also a great opportunity to meet like-minded coaches and build a future support network to help you to continue to develop beyond the course itself.

Coaching qualifications are affiliated with British Rowing and provide high quality courses for all. To find out more about coaching courses, please visit the British Rowing website


Current Courses

British Rowing Session Coach Course

This coaching course is aimed at ages 16+ and is applicable to coaches working with all groups, from novices to experienced rowers. This course is ideal for people who want to become rowing coaches, lead groups or squads, develop rowers and deliver positive experiences. You will receive a recognized UKCC Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Rowing.

If you represent a club and would like a coaching course delivered closer to home, please contact to make arrangements



DATE:  Saturday 16th March, Sunday 17th March & Saturday 13th April 2023

LOCATION: Stirling Rowing Club, Stirling 

BOOKING: Sign into/Register a 'British Rowing Just Go Account' and book onto the course, here

COST: £250  - Note – Funding worth 50% of the course may be available on application. See here.

DEADLINE: Friday 16th February (Get booked in this week!)   6 places available.


Note: Courses have a minimum requirement of 8 attendees and a maximum of 12.  In the event of an insufficient number of applicants the course will be cancelled. In the event of an oversubscription, bookings will be open on a first come first serve basis. Please be aware that once bookings are live, any member of British Rowing can book onto the course, and there are people travelling across the country to find courses.

Regarding the Session Coach course in Aberdeen – British Rowing are still to confirm a tutor, and in the event of a tutor not being found the course will be cancelled/postponed to a later date.

Other details to be confirmed (TBC) will be updated ASAP.





sportscotland Subsidy and Scottish Rowing Coach Funding

If you would like to apply for a subsidy for your coaching courses, please read the following information then fill out an online application form.

All applications for subsidy funding will be sent via an online form to Scottish Rowing and should aim to meet the EDI targets listed here.

Scottish Rowing will consider whether the application meets sportscotland Scottish Rowing targets and decide accordingly whether to award a subsidy.

Applicants and clubs should demonstrate how a subsidy will have a positive effect on at least one of the EDI’s and promote stronger pathways for increased participation in rowing. This might involve sharing a club strategy to reach out to underrepresented groups or a reasoned argument that shows how funding will be effective at improving an EDI factor or creating an entry path for more participation in Rowing.

More information on EDI factors can be found here.

Guidance for Scottish Rowing Coach Subsidy Award

Scottish Rowing is more likely to award coach subsidies to coaches who are active, currently working directly with teams and athletes. Scottish Rowing will also be more likely to award funding to coaches who are engaged with the Scottish Rowing Coach Framework and other opportunities provided for by Scottish Rowing, such as the J16 Land Camp and the Junior Academy.  Applications will also be viewed positively if they demonstrate they are supporting some of the Scottish Rowing targets regarding coaching.

Scottish Rowing targets include:

  •  At least one active coach in every rowing club with a BR Level 2 Club Coach UKCC qualification.
  •  The creation of a Scottish Rowing ‘Coach Community.’
    •  Coaches join the ‘Coach’ Club on membership portal ‘Justgo’ and submit their qualifications and credentials for approval.
    •  Coaches annually submit articles about coaching to the SR Coach Framework or a SR online publication.
    •  Coaches attend coaching workshops and conferences.
  •  An increase the number of women coaching rowing in Scotland and more support for the development of female coaches.
  •  Recruitment of Coach Developers
  •  Recruitment of Coaches into the ‘Scottish Rowing Coach Framework.’
    • To provide mentorship opportunities by partnering coaches with a coach developer.

Applicants should read the SR strategy document for 2023-2026, found here. Scottish Rowing Strategic Plan Document

For any more information and guidance contact Iain Rice, Workforce Development Manager:

Local Authority Coach Education Funding

Some Local Authorities offer additional funding to help towards the cost of your coaching qualification if you aim to coach at a club within the local authority area upon completion of your qualification – some offer as much as 75%towards the cost of your course.

In many cases, a funding application form must be submitted in advance of the course and the applicant/club must pay for the course up front. If successful in obtaining funding either you or your club will receive the funding once the course has been completed and proof of attendance and success submitted.

Please refer to your relevant Local Authority sports development website for further information. If you have any questions please contact Iain Rice, Workforce Development