Scottish Rowing has a responsibility to all children and young people taking part in the sport of rowing in Scotland and is fully committed to promoting children’s wellbeing by keeping them safe, promoting their development and respecting their views.

As a governing body, we accept our responsibility for providing guidance and support for the rowing community to ensure that rowing is enjoyable and safe.

Everyone in rowing has a responsibility for safeguarding. If you have concerns for the wellbeing or safety of a child, young person, or adult or some raises a concern with you, report these immediately.

To report a concern contact:

Scottish Rowing Wellbeing & Protection Officer – Mark Senter


Telephone: 07852 947907

It’s important to remember that the wellbeing & protection of a child, young person or adult is paramount, it’s not up to you to decide whether or not a person has been abused, but to report concerns appropriately.

If you think a person is in immediate danger or requires medical attention, you should call the emergency services on 999.

Policies, Procedures, Guidance & Templates

Child Wellbeing & Protection Policy

Adult Support and Protection Policy and Procedures

Recording Images of Young People Policy

Disclosure and PVG Checks