Junior Academy 2024-25 


The Scottish Rowing Junior Academy exists to support and develop talented junior (J16 - J18) rowers and coxes to reach their potential. Equipping them with the tools to achieve success in rowing both nationally and internationally. It aims to provide education, opportunity and community for athletes, coaches, and parents.


Changes for 2024

As we head into our 5th year of running the Junior Academy programme we have made the decision to update how the Junior Academy programme works, to allow more juniors to benefit.

In previous years a cohort of athletes have been selected in September and given the opportunity to take part in exclusive training camps through until April.  This year, several of the camps will, on an individual basis, be open to any junior athlete (J16+) to apply to attend regardless of whether they are on the Junior Academy programme. The Junior Academy will have a smaller number of named athletes compared to previous years who will benefit from a greater level of support.


How Does It Work? – Named Athletes/Coxes

Following the application process, a small number of rowers and coxes will be invited to be a part of the Junior Academy named athlete group. These athletes will have the opportunity to work closer with the Scottish Rowing Performance Programme, it’s coaches, practitioners, alongside taking part in each of the Junior Academy Camps and educational workshops.  These athletes will be selected based on the criteria outlined in the Recruitment Pack which can be found at the bottom of the page.


Opportunities for Non-Named Athletes

This year, several of the Junior Academy camps will be open for non-named rowers and coxes to apply to attend on a camp-by-camp basis. This is to allow more of our young athletes the opportunity to develop without the burden of committing to the full season of camps.  Athletes looking to attend these camps will still be required to fill out a smaller, less-detailed application to ensure that they are at the correct level to take part in the camps.

To see which camps are open to all check out the Recruitment Pack below.


 Benefits of Junior Academy

  • Provide athletes with the tools and experiences to help them perform to their potential
  • Meet and train with other talented rowers in Scotland
  • Work with and learn from the top coaches in Scotland
  • Early engagement with sports science support and expert practitioners from the sportscotland Institute of Sport
  • Careers advice and opportunity to speak to university programmes in Scotland 

“Just being selected to be part of the Junior Academy gave my son confidence and was a real achievement. He very much enjoyed meeting individuals from other clubs and the opportunities to row in different crews. The personalised advice on technique and training was very well received and I know he got a lot out of the online sessions as well as the experience of the different coaches.”  - Junior Academy Parent 2023-24

JA 2023 24 Infograph


Key Objectives  

  1. Building towards being competent and proficient technically, physically and mentally in areas identified as being necessary for national and international rowing. 

  1. Learning and developing the performance behaviours associated with sporting success 

  1. Provide opportunities for junior coaches to develop their skills, network with other coaches, and further support their athletes to achieve their goals 

  1. Enable and upskill parents/guardians to go on the journey, facilitate success and provide ongoing support to their children 


Who is involved? 

Led by Scottish Rowing’s Lead Performance Pathway Coach, Tom Young, with support provided by the sportscotland institute of sport, and performance rowing experts.



Scottish Rowing heavily subsidises the Junior Academy, however for those that are selected as named athletes/coxes will be required to pay a registration fee of £50. This fee will cover the costs associated with additional support and Junior Academy kit.

An additional athlete contribution for each camp will also be required to help cover the costs of facility hire, accommodation (if residential) and any meals provided. Prices for each camp will vary.

Scottish Rowing will make subsidies where possible to keep the price as reasonable as possible and are happy to discuss payment plans.

*Financial support may be available in cases of hardship; this is considered on a case-by-case basis – please contact Cara O'Donnell for further details. 


Eligibility criteria 

For eligibility criteria please see the Recruitment Pack.


Application process 

Athletes/Coxes must be J16 and above to be considered for Junior Academy.

The application process for the 2024-25 Junior Academy opens on the 16th of August 2023.

The application form will include details of performances across the 2023-24 season and a 500word personal statement from each individual. As part of the process, coaches will be contacted to provide a nomination for each athlete/cox, the initial contact will be made via email to organise a phone call to discuss each individual athlete. 

Application will close at 23:59 on the 1st of September.

Athletes under consideration will be notified on Friday the 6th of September and will be invited to attend the first camp, during this camp they will be observed before a full selection takes place.


Recruitment Pack - Coming Soon


For more information, please contact the Sports Programme Co-Ordinator, Cara O’Donnell, at cara.odonnell@scottish-rowing.org.uk.