Coastal Sculling is sculling’s wilder cousin which comes in two main formats: Endurance (Offshore) and Beach Sprints.

Coastal boat sitting on a beach

The Endurance races take place over 4km for heats and 6km courses for finals and either start and/or finish off a beach or out at sea. This is the race for you if you’re wanting to challenge yourself over longer distances.

Beach Sprint races are much faster taking place straight off a beach. Rowers start by running 10-50m to their boat from a starting point on the beach before jumping in their boat and slaloming out 250m, spinning and sprinting the boat back before finally dismounting on the beach and running to the finish.

The 2022 World Rowing Coastal Championships and Beach Sprints Finals will be taking place in Saundersfoot, Wales on the 7th-16th October in 2022. Check out the event website for more information