In order to support our clubs, Scottish Rowing have created a number of Learn 2 Row Resources. The L2R has been created to:

  • Aid clubs in their planning and running of Learn 2 Row courses;
  • Provide clubs with branding and graphics to help advertise their courses ;
  • Provide templates for required documents to run Learn 2 Row course ;

The Learn 2 Row resources are all available as pdf's for download. Some are for use in the planning stages of your course, some for during the course and some to use following the conclusion of the course.


Learn 2 Row Documents



Resource Architecture


Planning Stage

Before you advertise



Brand Guidelines



Equipment Inventory



Club Capacity Calculator

Course Planning/Equipment


Risk Assessment

Course Planning


Session Timetable

Course Planning


Participant Questionnaire

Course Planning


Your Coaches

Course Planning

Participant Hand Outs

How to create a Welcome Pack

Participant Information


Participant Competency Checklist

Participant Information


Technical Guide Poster (Coming soon)

Participant Information


Rowing Terminology

Participant Information


Membership Form Template

Participant Information

The Learn 2 Row resources have been created for all Scottish Rowing clubs and as such we always appreciate feedback on it. If there is a resource that is not currently available and you feel would help support your club’s development, then please get in touch:

Andy Barton (Pathways Manager) -