Posted: 22 February 2024

Can YOU claim a Grand Slam at the Four Nations Beach Sprint Championships in  Scotland, England, Wales and Jersey this spring?

The Six Nations isn’t the only international battle happening this spring - on beaches all around the UK rowers will be racing for new titles across the four Home Nations Beach Sprint regattas.

Overall championship trophies will be awarded for the top open and women’s solos at Senior and Junior across the four events. The dates and locations are as follows:

Round 1 – Host Nation: Jersey
Jersey Beach Sprint Regatta
Dates: 13-14 April
Location: St Hellier, Jersey

Round 2 – Host Nation: England
English Beach Sprint Regatta
Date: 28 April
Location: Bournemouth, Dorset

Round 3 – Host Nation: Wales
Welsh Senior Beach Sprint Championships
Dates: 11-12 May
Location: Fishguard, Pembrokeshire

Round 4 – Host Nation: Scotland
Scottish Beach Sprint Championships
Date: 18 May
Location: East Sands, St Andrews

To receive further information/entry details for any of the above events please, register your interest.


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Photo Credits: Guin Batten

How does it work?

  •  Points are available at each regatta, contributing to an overall Beach Sprint Four
    Nations championship winner in the following events – CW1x, CM1x, CWJ1x,
  •  If a rower wins in the same boat class at three regattas they are awarded the Triple
  • If a rower wins in the same boat class at all four regattas they are awarded the Grand
  • Each regatta is separately run and organised, and athletes should enter each regatta
    individually (they can enter as many of the four regattas as they like).
  • Swift Racing will provide boats at all four events.
    Points Scoring System
  • Regatta win = 1 point, 2nd = 2 points, etc.
  • Lowest number of points over the four regattas determines winner of the overall
    title in each boat class.
  • Times from side by side racing will be used to determine rankings where no side by
    side result is available (e.g. if knocked out in QF, fastest QF loser ranks 5th, second
    fastest QF loser ranks 6th, etc).
  • Where a rower does not attend a regatta they will automatically be awarded points
    based on total number of entries in their category+1 (e.g. example if there are 12
    entries at a regatta a rower does not attend they would be awarded 13 points).
  •  Where an event offers no Junior category, or the Junior events are mixed within the
    senior events, a separate ranking will be created based on overall finish placing (e.g.
    the highest ranking Junior within the senior event will get 1 point, the second highest
    ranked Junior will get 2 points, etc).


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