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Updated: 1 June 2023


  • Have you ever thought about your sport, your club or your community and thought something needs to change?
  • Have you realised there is a gap in your club or a need for your club to engage with the wider community?
  • Do you think there an opportunity that is yet to be realised at your club?

If any of these are true to you, consider applying for the Scottish Rowing Champions for Change Network and join other rowers from around Scotland in their mission to effect change in Scottish Rowing.

Scottish Rowing believes that clubs who embrace inclusion and change are more likely to attract members, form positive partnerships with Local Authorities and communities, can generate other opportunities for further growth and development and can secure themselves in the years ahead.

Here are some examples of how rowing clubs and charities have been engaging with their wider society. Click the links to learn about more.

What is the Scottish Rowing Champions for Change Network?

The Scottish Rowing Champions for Change Network is a new initiative, as part of the Scottish Rowing Rowers For Change Programme. We aspire to assist clubs and individuals in gaining the skills, knowledge, and experience to embed Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion principles to allow our sport to continue to offer opportunities to all.

The Champions for Change Network is a 3-month programme, consisting of face to face and virtual meetings of a network of likeminded individuals. Scottish Rowing will facilitate discussion, learning, education, and development opportunities, and empower the members of the Network to work in their own rowing club in developing an existing or establishing a new programme or project, equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience gained in the programme. Additionally, Scottish Rowing will support the Network with ongoing support at the conclusion of the programme.

There are limited spaces on the programme, and individuals willing to take part will be required to complete an online application form, followed by a discussion with Scottish Rowing.

What are the benefits of joining the Scottish Rowing Champions For Change Network?

  • You will join a network of likeminded people who want to effect positive change in their club.
  • You will receive training and education from leading industry experts and gain access to some current rowing leaders in this field.
  • It will be fully funded and FREE for you to attend.
  • Your club will receive further one to one support meetings from the course educators and Scottish Rowing after the course is complete.
  • It will raise your own profile, extend your skills, and add to your experience.
  • Your club will be healthier…
    • with increased membership with new pathways to your club
    • be more inclusive.
    • be more diverse.
    • be more sustainable.
    • be more partnerships within your community.


Revised Deadline for applications – June12th

Key Dates for Core Programme:

  • June 14th, 7:00pm till 8:30pm – Virtual Meeting 1 – Introductory
  • June 17th, 10:00am till 4:00pm at Scottish Rowing Centre – “Our Vision of Inclusivity” by AKD Solutions
  • June 18th, 10:00am till 15:00pm at Scottish Rowing Centre – “Human Connection” training by Scottish Sports Future
  • June 21st, 7:00pm till 8:30pm – Virtual Meeting 2
  • July, various dates – Virtual Meeting 3 (one to one meeting with Scottish Rowing)
  • August 19th, 10:00am till 4:00pm at Scottish Rowing Centre – “Equally Yours” by AKD Solutions
  • August 23rd, 7:00pm till 8:30pm – Steve O’Connor, Fulham Reach BC COO webinar
  • September 2nd, 7:00pm till 8:30pm – Virtual Meeting 4

Ongoing Support:

  • October, various dates – follow up one to one meeting with AKD solutions.
  • November, various dates - follow up one to one meeting with AKD solutions.
  • Scottish Rowing will also be available to discuss your project or programme.

Before you apply.

  • Think about what your club could do or what its needs are.
  • Talk to people from your club about your idea’s.
  • Get agreement from your club leaders and a pledge of support, to support your learning and bring this back to your club.
  • Ensure that you can attend all key dates.

You will need to have:

  • Passion for the sport.
  • Desire for change – to either improve something that already exists, create something new positive, or restore something that used to exist.
  • Identified the potential for your club, or the opportunity your area poses.
  • A vision or a cause or a desire to create one.
  • Realised the power of sport, and its potential impact on people’s lives.
  • A personal commitment to the course and your vision.
  • Determination to see it through.
  • Support from your club

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