Posted: 04 October 2023

The Scottish Rowing Coach Academy exists to support and develop young coaches and help them reach their potential. Providing them with access to the network and opportunities required to thrive. It aims to provide education, opportunity and community for the next generation of coaches as they develop their own coaching style.

Please see the Recruitment Pack for more information here.

 Key Objectives  

  1. Creating a network of young coaches and connecting them to the existing senior coaching workforce.
  2. Raising the standard of grassroots coaching while providing a pathway into senior coaching roles (voluntary/paid).
  3. Spread awareness of existing Scottish Rowing coach support initiatives (eg. Coach Club).
  4. Building an engaged volunteer workforce to support existing Scottish Rowing Performance & Development activities.


  • Provide you with the tools and experiences to help you achieve your potential.
  • Networking with other talented coaches in the Scottish Rowing network.
  • Learn from and be coached by rowing experts and experienced coaches.
  • Early engagement with sports science support and expert practitioners

Program Dates:

The core component of this program will be a virtual leadership program, supported by in person development days and added value opportunities. The list of online calls and their focus topics is provided – these will continue on a fortnightly basis throughout the year.

Week 1 – wb 23rd October – Induction & Coaching Journeys

Week 2 – wb 6th November – What does good coaching look like?

Week 3 – wb 20th November – Coaching & Leadership Styles

Week 4 –  wb 4th December– Coaching Signatures

Week 5 –  wb18th December – Creating positive culture

You will also be provided with the opportunity to have a facilitator support your development on a one to one basis which will be an additional time commitment.

Who is involved? 

Led by Scottish Rowing’s Pathways Manager, Ronan Welch, with support provided by the sportscotland institute of sport, and mentors from the Scottish Rowing network.


The Scottish Rowing Coach Academy has been fully funded through combined investment of sportscotland funding and membership income. There may be incidental personal expenses incurred while participating in this program but wherever possible Scottish Rowing aims to keep these minimal.

*Financial support is available in cases of hardship – please contact Ronan Welch for further details.  

Eligibility criteria 

We are looking to recruit 8-12 participants for the initial cohort of this program from the 18-25 age range, we invite applications from anyone who is interested in engaging with the Coach Academy however a recommended criteria for applicants is listed below**:

  1. Dedication, ambition and drive to engage with opportunities to improve their coaching.
  1. Aspirations to potentially pursue a senior coaching role (paid or voluntary).
  1. Currently coaching or about to start coaching within a club setting.
  2. Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to conduct themselves with professionalism while representing Scottish Rowing.

**if you don’t fit this description but feel you would like to apply, please do as these will be considered on a case-by-case basis. 

Selection will be based on the following:

  • Enthusiasm for coaching and desire to engage with the Coach Academy.
  • Current rowing and coaching experience
  • Your character (as demonstrated in the application)

Reserves/candidates not of standard:

If more applications are received than available places on the program on a case by case basis individuals may be added to a reserve list or otherwise be supported parallel to the academy cohort.

Application process:

The application process for the 2023-24 Coach Academy opens on the Monday 9th of October 2023, you can apply here, applications will remain open for a week.

The deadline for applications and coach nominations is midnight on the Sunday 15th of October.  Selections will be made and invitations will be sent out by Friday 20th of October.

For more information or for a Coach Academy Pack please contact the program co-ordinator, Ronan Welch at