Posted: 24st August 2023


One of the barriers faced by many rowers is the price of Kit.  

The initiative will be simple following the sportscotland Kit for All Campaign, which aims to provide sports kit to those who need it most, including people who live in deprived or low-income areas. 

It can also help to raise awareness of the global environmental challenges by allowing people to reuse clothing, which in turn can reduce carbon footprint and encourage a recycling culture. 


How it works 

When your club signs-up to be a part of the Kit for All Initiative you will receive a donation box and toolkit to use.  

Each club will nominate a Kit for All Ambassador who will be the main contact for the club and will be added into either a Spond or WhatsApp Group (whichever is preferred) alongside the ambassadors from the other clubs that are part of the initiative.  

People will donate kit that they no longer use into the designated box at the club and then when a new person is joining, or someone needs some kit that cannot afford it, they can take from the donation box. If the person cannot find any suitable clothing in their own club’s box, the clubs Ambassador can use the Group to contact some the other club ambassadors, to see if they have any available kit.  

There will also be a Donation Box based in the Scottish Rowing Centre that will be available for all clubs to use.  


How it’ll be run 

It is up to the club Ambassadors how they wish to run and track the donations box as we want to make this as easy as possible for your club to manage. 

You may want to use the tracking sheet (found in the toolkit) to track what donations have been put into the box and re-claimed. You may wish to keep the box anonymous so that people can feel comfortable taking items that they need.  
We do recommend that you check the box regularly to ensure that any donations that have been handed in are appropriate and fit with the donation rules.  

Ambassadors will be supported by the designated Scottish Rowing, Kit for All Lead. 


Donation Rules  

Clothes must:  
Be washed before being donated 
Be in decent condition, no holes or large stains 
Not feature inappropriate paraphernalia (drug references, sexual references etc.) 
Have sizing labels attached 
Be appropriate sportswear only  
No underwear accepted (Bras, Socks, etc.) 
Accessories such as Trainers, Slides, Hats and Sunglasses are also welcomed.  

Club boxes may accept club branded kit; however, the SR box can only accept generic items. 

Appropriate clothing is listed below: 

T-Shirts/Tech Tops 






Waterproof Jackets/Splash Jackets 

Waterproof Trousers 



Sunglasses (Non-prescription) 


Signing Up 

If you wish to sign your club up to the Kit for All Initiative, please have your nominated ambassador fill out the sign-up form.  

Once your form is submitted you will be contacted by the Kit for All Lead to organise the delivery of your box and to add you to the Group.  

Initial sign-ups will be open from September 2023 to March 2024, clubs may sign-up at any time during this period.  


For more information contact the Kit for All Lead, Cara O’Donnell at