Posted: June 24, 2022

As we approach the end of the 2022 regatta season, we would like to remind all clubs and members that they need to notify us of any qualifying wins from events out with Scotland.

The current rule in the Scottish Rowing Rules of Racing is:

Rule E8:
Those competitors who win events under BR Rules shall gain an additional point(s) as specified by BR rules. Competitors who have obtained qualifying wins in other countries must declare them and include them, as appropriate.

With reference to Rule E8, British Rowing no longer award points in a way that directly correlates onto the Scottish Rowing system. Wins in events that are run under British Rowing Rules of Racing should therefore be assessed in the same way as wins in Scotland to decide whether they count as qualifying wins and therefore, attract status points in the relevant discipline.

Rule E3 determines what constitutes a qualifying event. For help in applying this please contact Jo at in the first instance.

You can find the Scottish Rowing Rules of Racing here